What has a self help book got to do with podcasting?

What has self help books to do with podcasting.

I was listening to a podcasting club on clubhouse where one of the host was from what I gather selling his book on the club.

He was quoting passages from the bible.

I am not sure if he was one of these life coach people. I have only come across them on club house. I am in the UK, so perhaps they are a thing in the USA.

I have listened to many on clubhouse and have noticed many seem to use the same script I heard from the 1980’s when people were pushing pyramid selling.

Many of the large clubs on clubhouse seem to be populated by these people.

I have heard people selling there homes to pay these people believing they will become wealthy. But end up with nothing.

But back to this podcasting club on clubhouse.

Until all of a sudden I was banned (what have they to hide), they were talking about buying 500 books. By this I mean they wanted those listening to the club to buy a book or books.

It was extremely odd.

I did wonder if the host/owner of the club had been paid or was on commission from this chap.

Personally I feel clubhouse needs to let people opt in or out of clubs that are hosted by people pushing a product or service.

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