Use QR Codes to promote your podcast

Use QR Codes to promote your podcast shows.

For at least a year now, a qr reader has been built into the iphone. You had to download an app, but now all iPhones and I believe android phones should scan qr codes.

Simply go to your camera app, and it should in photo mode automatically scan a qr code. If your phone does not, then you may have to go into your settings to turn this option on.

The advantage of a qr code is you do not have to tell people the name of your podcast, and hope they bother to search for it. As many will not bother.

You can get them to scan the qr code and like magic they have the link on there mobile.

It is free to do qr codes and you will find many sites that will create them for you. Just enter an url or indeed almost anything and it will create a qr code.

You can print them on business cards or on the side of your car.

So next time you are at such as a podcasting event, just hand out business cards with your at code on.

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