The dark side of ClubHouse

ClubHouse is a great app.

Some clubs are whatever they are called are great. For instance one I found had comedians putting on a play.


ClubHouse has a dark side I have found after being a user of the app for less than a week.

It has some people who are using the app to make money and gaining a lot of power.

Years ago, people would set up one page basic websites selling some pdf on self help or how to make a million or some such rubbish. I am sure they found people to buy these PDF’s. I am also sure that not a single person benefited from reading them.

Today on ClubHouse we have some people who seem to be selling a dream to vulnerable people as moderator of some very popular clubs. Being moderators means they can prevent and block people from the club who may point this fact out. The result is, these people end up looking legitimate by the simple fact they get many thousands of followers. They too have fellow moderators who encourage listeners to both follow the leaders on social media as well as sing the praises of these moderators.

The result is a room full of many people listening to people who have only one aim and that is to get people to pay them for a service that the chances are they do not need.

Today I listened to one person who was allowed to speak. She was a psychic. It was not clear why a psychic was in a room that was marked ‘Biz Pitching’. This demonstrated to me the dark side of things as psychics target vulnerable people who wish to believe in this nonsense. And like with all psychics the lady psychic did no more than fish. By this I mean she asks open questions, such as, she did today ‘do you know someone who has a birthday soon.’ And most people will know someone with a birthday this year. If the so called psychic guesses wrong they will have a reason such as they are reading someone else and getting several messages from several people or some other silly excuse. The person who is listening tends to wish to believe and as such will only hear the psychic getting everything correct.

As I stated one wondered why such nonsense was in a biz club. However it clearly demonstrated the people listening were vulnerable.

One method the moderators of the group use to validate each other was to tell each other that they were wonderful people who did great things and people should follow them to gain great benefits.

Some of these clubs now seem to be no more that to create an almost captive listeners to what is in effect no more than a clever sales speech in order to sell a product or service.

One also can see other great problems that may develop.

As some clubs become very popular, and I am not clear if there is a max number of listeners or if it is possible to have unlimited numbers. One could see some groups could once the app is open and not invite only and on all platforms the possibility that some rooms could easily get millions of listeners world wide, possibly more listeners than any radio or tv show has ever got. That moderators and/or those who ‘own’ the clubs could be in a position to take huge payments from people or companies in order for them to be selected to speak. In the same way those on such as Instagram get paid huge amounts to promote products or other Instagram accounts. Those who run or own such clubs with many followers could see themselves earning possibly millions from this method.

The fact that clubhouse does not seem to allow people to have a right of reply or challenge someone speaking, unless the moderators allow you to speak seems rather dark and possibly dangerous. It means to be members of a club, and to avoid being banned, one has only got the option to praise the moderators of the club or room. This could create a sort of micro or mini dictator who has full control over people’s speech. As such, it would not be likely that he or she would allow anyone to state the moderator of that group was in any way a bad person. As such this allows moderators of large clubs to freely sell there products or services to those listening without any problems. As such anyone who has a service that claims to make people rich or feel better, will have many vulnerable people listening who will feel they should purchase as they will see the moderators as inspirational, simply on the basis the power they hold and the fact they have gained many followers.

In one club on clubhouse, some claimed that some large clubs had or were becoming cults. While I personally do not think they are cults, you could suggest they are cluster like. In the way you have a leader or leaders that are to be praised, and people prevented from complaining. Should they go against the leaders, then they are banned.

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