Should you buy .club domains for ClubHouse?

On ClubHouse people seem to be panic buying .club domain names.

Is it worth getting .club domain names.

In truth probably not.

That said I have purchased about ten, simply because they are £1 this year. However I will probably not re-new them next year when the are due to be re-billed.

Personally I still feel .com or .co domains are with anything. The other type to me are no more use than feeder sites to your main site.

So why would you need a .club domain name?

The chances are that if ClubHouse goes online as a website, they will let you opt for your club name. So by this I mean something like joinclubhouse/yourclubname.

It is also probable that you will have more control over your clubhouse page, than you do now.

So why would you even need a separate domain name/site?

And if you do need a separate website, would you not simply use your main website?

I suspect very few people purchased a domain name for there Facebook page or Twitter page or Instagram page, so why would you for ClubHouse?

But, as I have said, I purchased a few .club domain names, and at £1 it may be with getting one or two, but if you do not use them in the end, make sure you do not have them on auto re-new or next year you may have a huge bill.

Some people have got .club domain names thinking they will flip them for thousands. Good luck with that as a bet very few get re-sold.

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