Recording ClubHouse shows may get you banned

Some so called experts are saying you can record ‘shows’ on ClubHouse as long as you tell people you are recording the shows. However it may be that this could get you banned.

This looks to be a privacy issue.

In the terms of service it states at the moment you need written permission to record shows.

In the news it states that ClubHouse shut down a website that was recording shows.

A lady on ClubHouse stated that she believes if you screen record the shows with your phone, that the clubhouse app will detect this and possibly will result in a ban.

By the way, I have nothing to do with any groups or clubs that use the name clubpod. So please do not pay anyone thinking your paying us.

I have noticed some clubs on ClubHouse seem to be just used by moderators to flog there business. For instance on a club for podcasters, if people ask a question, often the reply is from the moderator is contact her and pay for her service.

If I was you, avoid clubs where the moderator(s) is asking you to pay for there business. As these clubs seem to be no more than a tacky sales pitch for there business.

A few ClubHouse tips:

If you are going to talk. Turn the mobile option thing off on your mobile. Leave the WiFi on. This way if you are talking, then if someone phones you it will not switch you chatting off. Often you can hear people cut out when people phone them.

Some are saying that you should avoid clubs where it is silenced just asking people to follow each other as some are claiming both the club and members may get shadow banned.

To applaud people. The method at the moment is to flicker your mute or microphone button on and off.

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