Recording a PodCast show

When recording a podcast, I would recommend recording in WAV format. Once you edit the show you can save it as an mp3 or whatever format you wish.

When recording, set the level so you do not peak. This is where when you play back on such as your computer you will see a wave pattern. Peaking is when the sound is so load it goes off the scale.

I heard one sound chap say keep the sound recording 20% from hitting peak levels.

If the sound is recorded a bit low, do not worry, as you can increase this when you edit the recording.

A would do with a few practices so you can make sure you have the sound correct before you do your show.

Press record before the show as that way it will save you from forgetting and you can make sure everything is fine.

Record a few mins of saying nothing. If you find some noise on the recording, you can use the non talking segment to remove some background noise such as a buzz with the section that has no talking on it.

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