People may be investing too much belief in ClubHouse

Are people getting far too excited about ClubHouse?

We know many sites are doing versions of ClubHouse and Twitter is almost live with there version.

It will probably not be long that you can get a plug-in to run your own ClubHouse type site on your WordPress site. In the same way you can get many YouTube plugins to turn your WordPress site into a YouTube type site.

The problem ClubHouse has is that it is not yet a web based platform, nor is it on any other phone than iPhone or iPad. This means that if another sit does there own version and is on all platforms long before ClubHouse is, then ClubHouse may loose out.

The other problem ClubHouse has is recording. In theory you are not supposed to record. And one suspects that people will have problems if they record a show and someone later objects to being uploaded to a podcast.

While other platforms may not only allow recording, but may include the ability in there app.

The problem most social media sites/platforms have is most do the same thing.

For example, most let you connect with other people, send each other messages, post text, post vids, post vids, include hashtags. As such, it is likely most if not all well known social media platforms will include the same ability to talk in a group.

So perhaps, people may be getting far too overexcited about ClubHouse.

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