Not all traffic is valuable

A few days ago I was listening to a talk on podcasts, and getting traffic.

People were saying they put sample clips out and doing like shows on such as ticktok and ‘begging’ people to listen to them on there podcast.

A chap called Glen who stated he used to be a webmaster made a very important point.

Not all traffic is valuable

He pointed out that you could have thousands of people listening, but if they think your show sucks they will not come back, and while you may think your a big player as you can get thousands to listen to your latest podcast, it means nothing if they think your show is dull and do not return to listen to your new shows or listen to your older shows.

It also is worthless if those who are listening are not going to be the people who may make your podcasts worthwhile.

For example if you are doing a podcast on cars in the USA, it would be not worth advertisers to advertise there USA based garage on your podcast if all your listeners are in the UK as they are not going to fly to the USA to buy a car.

So in truth if your podcast has only ten listeners, that podcast can be more effective than one with millions of views, if those ten people are the ones who may buy or use a service you promote.

However, the great importance is not numbers listening to a show, but if they listen to other shows and keep coming back. If you find people listen once then do not return, then you are not doing well.

One suspects that those who are in truth doing well are those who find they get more and more listeners who keep returning with no publicity.

If you only get listeners on the basis you have to keep promoting on Instagram and so on begging people to listen. It simply means nothing if people never return.

Number of listeners is not success. What is successful is if your listeners return, and if your listeners grow organically each month with no promotion.

This is also something advertisers should think about. They may be wasting a lot of money if they advertise on a podcast that has millions of views, yet those who listen, only do so for a moment and never come back, and have not stayed on the podcast long enough to even hear the advert.

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