Not all advice is healthy or given for the right reasons

Something I have said before and someone else stated on ClubHouse this week, not all podcasting advice is healthy or given for the correct reasons.

The chap speaking was in a small podcast clubhouse club. Often the small ones give far better advice.

He pointed out that he had to leave a large clubhouse club as he was a moderator and was talking with someone else. The other person was telling a lady to buy a cheap microphone and to use his service to clean up the sound.

In truth, the correct advice would have been to buy a decent mic, but this chap wanted people to hire him to edit people’s sound files.

ClubHouse clubs have become like what forums were. They get large and popular and those that run them gain great power and use them to push there products or service to people who lack experience and believe that these large clubs they are in give those that moderate the look of being legit.

One suspects that in time the larger clubhouse clubs will do awards and such. I have seem forums do the same. The awards have often no meaning and are awarded to friends, people who bung in some cash, or to those who brown nose.

From using clubhouse for a few days now, my conclusion is to stick to the small rooms as they tend to give the best advice for free.

I would suggest when someone is clearly pushing there product or service that one should take far less notice of.

I have noticed too that those who run services for podcasters are getting annoyed that I am giving out far better advice for free than they are when they are charging.

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