Marketing your podcast

In this post I will cover some basic marketing advice.

These are a few simple methods.

1. Have a website

It is very easy to set up a WordPress blog/site.

Post your podcast on a blog post using embedded script. You can post pics and text too.

Use your website as a hub and add all your social website links (such as Twitter). Also add all the links to your podcast on the various platforms.

2. Social Media

Get accounts on as many social websites as you can.

Try to keep your username the same on each one.

3. SEO

While years ago, most website owners relied on traffic from google. I would suggest this is now less important and you can probably achieve more traffic and better quality traffic from such as Facebook and Twitter.

However if you have a website. You may find by adding text on your blog/website, this will be picked up on such as google and bring in traffic this way.

4. Put your domain on your car

Many people listen to podcasts driving to and from work. So why not put the url of your website on your car. Your car may be seen by hundreds of people each day.

5. Word of mouth

On the internet word of mouth can be seen as tweeting links to your blog posts.

If you have a WordPress site, you can add a free plugin that will show icons from different social media. You can set these to show on your blog posts.

If people like a show, then they may press a logo and post it on Twitter or Facebook or whatever. They may have thousands of followers, who in turn may re-post the link. So very quickly you can grow a huge amount of traffic very easily.

As your podcast show is free, it has more chance for people to re-post.

Ask your friends to re-post links to your site too.

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