Make money with your podcast using BuyMeACoffee

I came across a site that may interest podcasters.

It is called

To put simply it lets people pay you a small amount if they like your site or podcast or indeed whatever.

I set up a page today.

You can opt in for membership too where people can pay you monthly or yearly.

You can get paid via PayPal and some other payment system (I forget the name).

Then all you need do is tell people your link.

In a podcast you can simply say, ‘If you enjoy this podcast, feel free to send me a dollar or two to (but of course change clubpod to your name)’.

You can also put the link on your vid.

And why not add the link in your podcast description too.

The website lets you add a very nice button to your website with ease.

Remember that the website presumably takes a cut of whatever people pay you. So one presumes if someone sends you via the site $5, one presumes you will not get the full $5 (I could be wrong).

This may or may not be some use to you.

I will see how things go and report back later.

As my site/podcast is small and just gets a few visits, I do not expect to get any cash, but podcasts with thousands of listeners may make a nice income from doing this.

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