It is easy to add your podcast to other sites using your RSS feed

The way things work is simple in podcasting.

You find a site to host on. You get an RSS feed. You then add your podcast to the many distribution sites, such as apple and Spotify.

This is very easy to do.

If a firm offers to do this for you for a fee, tell them to go shove a brick where the sun does not shine.

All you do is find the RSS feed on the host site.

In my case my RSS feed is:

If you use a Anchor then you need to turn the display personal email in RSS feed to on as some sites may not except the RSS feed without it.

I could not find the option on the anchor app, and did it on the anchor website. But it could be on the app, and I simply did not see it.

Now all you have to do is a quick search for each site you want your podcast on. I tend to search for ‘add podcast to [website]’ for the direct link as some sites are not easy to find it.

Some all you need to is copy and paste the RSS link in, while others you have to join first.

I found adding the RSS link to apple a bit harder, as I found for me that I had to use my apple account. I mean by this the email that I registered my apple account on my apple mobile and password. I am not sure you can add your podcast without an apple account.

Once I did that, I just added the RSS link and was approved about 4 days later.

Some sites that host your podcast may automatically add your podcast to some sites with a press of a button.

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