Ian St John has died

I read today the footballer Ian St John has died.

Before I carry on, I am going to point out that I hate football.

So why have I posted this news?

The reason I have posted it, is because a few years ago he co presented a UK TV show called the Saint and Greavsie football show. A show I lived.

For me, this show he presented with Jimmy Greaves was one of the funniest shows ever. They simply would go off script and talk about anything they wanted.

In many ways this was the format of a podcast show.

If you get a chance, go on such as YouTube and watch these two in action.

The fact I hate football yet would not miss this show, clearly shows that if your good enough on your podcast people may listen even if they are not interested in the subject.

Over the years, I have concluded that there are very few who have such talent to do such a show.

The other two are James Whale who is still going, but would do a radio show based in Yorkshire, UK on Radio Air. They converted it once a week to TV on Yorkshire Television, but it was never as good as when he did the show on radio. People would phone in just to be insulted by him. I would often stay up till 1am to listen and would always be late for school.

I have not found his old radio shows online but you can find his old TV shows.

The other is Howard Stern. He has a magical way, but in fairness, I often feel Robin Quivers makes the show.

In time I plan to listen to podcasts, and find who I think is great on them.

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