Get a website

You do not need a website, but it is a jolly good idea, as you can post your shows and post info about your shows.

If possible opt for a .com or .co domain name as it simply looks better.

Try to opt for a short url as often it is easier to remember.

Do not be tempted to go for the cheapest firm offering domain names as sometimes you may regret it, is you wish to move your domain to a different firm or you need to contact the firm if you have a problem.

One simple option is to setup a WordPress site. These days most hosts will let you add a WordPress sire automatically by pressing a button.

A firm near me charges £1000 for setting up a basic WordPress site. To me, this is a huge rip off. I do it free for people as it can take me less than five minutes to set such a site up.

You can then select one of many free or paid these and plugins to set the site as you want.

You can use your site as a HUB where you can add links to all your social media links and to your podcast host(s).

You can also post an email link and/or contact page for people to contact you.

You do not need to host with the same firm you have your domain name(s) with.

You can also find a few firms that you can pay a fee to and you can select a website and edit it. Personally these seems a bit costly when you can do it yourself for much less. But if you want a simple option, then this could be your best bet.

Although a few years ago we had lots of free hosts, these days you tend not to have as many. However, do not host your site on free hosts as from experience they tend to close or crash and you could loose everything.

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