ClubHouse and podcasting 3.0

I am going to call such as the app ClubHouse a podcasting 3.0.

By this I mean I shall call podcasting 1.0 where you just recorded yourself and uploaded the podcast online.

Podcasting 2.0 was where people had several people on the podcast. Sometimes in a room, or via a mobile phone or zoom or some other communication app.

So I shall call ClubHouse podcasting 3.0.

As I write this, ClubHouse is an invite only app and at the moment only on the Apple phone or IPad.

I have the app working on an iPad at the moment.

The app is basically voice only, and to send someone a text message at the moment you do this via Instagram or Twitter by a DM otherwise known as a Direct Message.

At the moment, once you get an invite, you can invite two people.

I find most people on the app seem to be from the USA.

The app is live, and at the moment has no recording function for you to record the shows. However, you can using other recording apps or external recording machines.

The idea is that people create groups or as they seem to be called ‘clubs’.

The clubs have moderators, who let people talk. You can just listen or if you want to take part, you click the wave button.

The problem with the clubs is (1) as they are live, you may miss a ‘show’ as you are busy or even asleep. And (2) some ‘clubs’ have become like forums where some people take over and feel they are all important and unless you brown nose them, them you are not allowed to speak and even booted out of the ‘club’.

This may become a problem as I have noticed this in forums. People end up feeling important and the forum ends up where only some have a voice. Then they create silly awards and the awards always go to the same people. It is why I have no interest in awards as they often mean nothing.

The other problem that may come about is that already some people are recording the shows to post as a podcast. However, if you have 9000 people (for instance) listening and recording the same show to upload to there podcast, we will end up with 9000 same podcast shows.

It is also likely that we will see lots of ClubHouse clones. Indeed it has been reported in the news that Facebook is working on a version.

I have also noticed a few people doing voice only shows on Twitter. This is new to me and I will look into this later. However it does seem you can to live talk shows on Twitter with others.

While some of the ‘clubs’ can be a bit dull. So far the more entertaining ones seem to be like ‘Dragons Den’ (it may be called something different in your country), the TV show. So people pitch there business ideas to people to try to get funding. These can be very entertaining to listen to.

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