Make money with your podcast using BuyMeACoffee

I came across a site that may interest podcasters.

It is called

To put simply it lets people pay you a small amount if they like your site or podcast or indeed whatever.

I set up a page today.…

It is easy to add your podcast to other sites using your RSS feed

The way things work is simple in podcasting.

You find a site to host on. You get an RSS feed. You then add your podcast to the many distribution sites, such as apple and Spotify.

This is very easy to …

Clubhouse now let’s you add real links with the latest update

In cluhouse app, we have a big update.

You  can now give people a direct link to your profile or club.

An example is direct link to our podcasting club:


Use the bitrate Constant or CBR when saving podcasts

In truth, it is only a few days ago I read that when saving podcasts that it is recommended that you save using bitrate Constant or CBR (and I have no idea what it means).

Your software may be set …

Be very carful using copyrighted material such as music in your podcast

Be extremely careful about using copyrighted material, such as music or indeed clips from TV shows or podcasts on your podcast.

You need to be 100% sure you are fine to do so, or it could get extremely expensive.

Just …

Twitter Spaces looks to now be live in the latest update

Twitter Spaces looks to now be live in the latest update

What has a self help book got to do with podcasting?

What has self help books to do with podcasting.

I was listening to a podcasting club on clubhouse where one of the host was from what I gather selling his book on the club.

He was quoting passages from the …

Use QR Codes to promote your podcast

Use QR Codes to promote your podcast shows.

For at least a year now, a qr reader has been built into the iphone. You had to download an app, but now all iPhones and I believe android phones should scan …

You can edit your own audio with audacity free and very easy

I keep hearing people who pretend they are helping podcasters with rubbish advice, try to get podcasters to pay them to edit audio, as if it is hard and expensive to do.

In truth it is very easy and you …

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