Before you start a podcast

Starting a podcast is a bit like starting a business.

It is a good idea to listen to as much radio and tv shows as you can, including old radio shows.

Listen to how they do things.

Time how long they interview people for.

Listen to lots of podcasts and work out what you think is good and what is bad.

Also look at a lot of YouTube vids on how to record and use sound software.

You need to also ask yourself if you can do podcasts. A lot of people who do podcasts are dull and not at all interesting.

Do not just chat to people who say you are great all the time. These people are no use to you and will tell you that you are great even if you stink at doing podcasts. They do not care if you fail or not and are only interested is looking like a nice person.

You need people to tell you that something sucks. And you need to not have such an ego that you get upset that someone tells you that you suck.

But at least spend time doing your homework.

In the old days of cinema, people would sit down and watch a film and would time how long each scene would last, the camera angles, lighting and everything they thought important. They would teach themselves how to shoot films and would go on to make great films.

This is what I would recommend you do before you start.

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