Be very carful using copyrighted material such as music in your podcast

Be extremely careful about using copyrighted material, such as music or indeed clips from TV shows or podcasts on your podcast.

You need to be 100% sure you are fine to do so, or it could get extremely expensive.

Just because others may do it does not mean you will not get found and be sent a huge bill for copyright use.

A lady on clubhouse in a podcast room was telling people how she used music she found on YouTube on her podcast. And not a single person said she may have legal problems doing so.

Personally I would not at this point record shows from clubhouse. I do not care if people in the room all said it was fine to record or that you put in your comments that you are recording. At the moment in the terms of service it clearly states you need written permission to record. On top of this clubhouse is a closed app in many ways. First you have to log into the app, then you have to join/enter a club. As such, people may indeed presume privacy.

I keep hearing moderators of rooms state it is fine to record if you tell people. Considering this could be considered clear legal advice, they may themselves find themselves being sued if other get sued or even simply loose the clubhouse account due to recording a room, after they were told by a moderator it was fine to do so.

Unless you have got legal advise to say recording a clubhouse show, let alone use it on such as a podcast, then I would be extremely carful.

At the moment I am going to avoid recording ClubHouse shows until it becomes clear that this is legally fine to do so.

I am not telling you not to, just to be carful that you do not get into trouble from doing so.

Be carful too of background music. Last year I was sent a message on YouTube stating they had automatically removed some music from a YouTube vid of mine. I was surprised by this as I had not recorded music. When I played the vid back, you could hear a car pass with music on. It was hardly noticeable, but the clever software YouTube uses, picked it up.

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