Be carful of firms who offer to get you likes or viewers

This recording is very short as I must have hit the stop recording button by accident.

But this is a short one anyway.

Someone on Instagram contacted me to say for a fee they could get me listeners or likes or comments on my podcast.

Personally I would avoid such business as they tend to be a scam and could even have you loose your account.

They tend to use bots or pay people to come onto your site.

It is like owning a shop and paying someone to send you 1000 people, who do no more than come to your shop, open the door a bit, then close it and walk away.

In most cases the visits you get are worthless and will probably never return.

I often ask them to provide a sample of what they can offer to prove they are legit. And they tend to say they cannot and will give you reasons as they want the money up front.

If any firm wants to prove they are legit, feel free to contact me and demonstrate they can do what they claim for real and I will promote them for free if they are legit. I make this offer knowing full well they will never want to, knowing that they are offering a con service and I would end up exposing them.

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