Avoid Politics

This is a bit of advice, and that is do not post or talk about politics unless your podcasts, blog or whatever is on politics.

The reason being is often it will result in getting abuse and harassment. Plus people may not want to hear your views.

An example of this is a friend of mine who is a glamour model, posted her views on Trump. This resulted her getting huge abuse. And the truth is, her fans were following her for her looks and far less on her views.

Now if you get people send you abuse because you said something that they felt was offensive, just block them. Do not waste your time trying to apologise to these PC bullies. Once you understand that these people who pretend to be offended by anything you say are no more than bullies and while they claim to be kind, in truth are just thugs and nasty people.

The worst of these bullies are the ones who want people banned or silenced yet at the same time they will claim to be against fascism, while being a facist. They have an ideology that they are better than everyone else and that others are inferior to them and as such need to be silenced and banned.

So just block them.

They are not your fans or your friend, so block them.

It is a bit like when companies pretend to be woke. The truth is, in most cases the woke people are not thee customers. And all that happens is that the real customers get fed up with the woke nonsense and you end up loosing real customers because you go woke.

As long as you know your not being racist or whatever your being accused of, then simply ignore and block.

The result is, these bullies just move onto someone else to bully while pretending to be nice.

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